Video Review

Secrets of Championship Chess: Karpov's Middlegame Strategies

Good for Beginners to Masters.  Karpov and "Dzindzi" look at some middle game positions and analyze them.  The "stream of consciousness" game between the two is a real treat.

Outline of the Video
A set of Five games/positions are analysed with Karpov and Dzindzichashvili playing and talking over the board.


Analysis starting from a particular position in a Scotch.   Played for White
2 Analysis starting from a particular position in a Scotch.   Played for Black
3 Analysis starting from a particular position in a ( ??? ).    Long castle with attack against the short castle.
4 French Advanced - Trying to make Blacks Bad Bishop Good
5 Castling from Opposite sides

Length if played straight through:  Not currently reported, maybe about 1/2 hour

Note:   Opening not currently reported for 3 and 5

Summary of Review Ratings
Rating Scale values: Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent

Ease of viewing/following Good                
Complex Material No                
Need to Rewind a lot to get the material No                
Likely to watch again No                
Over All Rating Fair                
Highest Published Rating 1701                

Review Comments

06-27-98 Mark Kaprielian (MK)
It was enlightening to see how they looked at the board by listening as they spoke out load about the positions.  While it was instructive to see the thought process for the particular positions, I did not come away with any great revelations for myself.  Being a rules based kind of person, I'm always looking for "rules" to try and apply.  They did not provide anything that I'd call rules.  (I know, I know, you can't play good chess by following rules.  I'd rather have rules I don't have to follow than rules I don't know about to not follow).