Video Review

Secrets of Championship Chess: Karpov's Endgame Essentials

Good for Beginners to A-players.  Teaches how and why the superior king position is decisive in most endings.  If you want to be and expert, you must know this material!

Outline of the Video
Positions are analyzed with Karpov and Dzindzichashvili playing and talking over the board.


K P Vs K - Basic Opposition with one pawn on the board
2 K P P Vs P
3 K P P P Vs K P P
4 Rooks added into a the mix of pawns on the board.
5 Remainder of the tape not reported on yet.

Length if played straight through:  Not reported

Summary of Review Ratings
Rating Scale values: Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent

Ease of viewing/following Good                
Complex Material No                
Need to Rewind a lot to get the material No                
Likely to watch again No                
Over All Rating Fair                

Review Comments

06-29-98 Mark Kaprielian (MK)
I did not watch all of the tape.  I watched the first three examples.  I feel that this tape would be good for those who have never taken any time to work on their endgame fundamentals.  It is by no means a thorough or methodical approach.  It does however touch upon a variety of types of positions.  

If you have ever read any book on basic endgame technique, this tape will probably not be of any value to you.