Book Recommendations by Mark Leeuwenburgh
Highest Rating to date is 1357
Updated 07-22-01

These are the books in my library and how I use them.


Chess Training Pocket Book, Lev Alburt

Just the Facts, Winning Endgame Knowledge in One Volume, Lev Alburt

A Primer of Chess, Jose Capablanca

The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings, Ruben Fine

1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations, Fred Reinfeld

Practical Endgame Tips, Edmar Mednis

Modern Chess Openings (MCO) 14th ed, Nick DeFirmian

How to Reassess Your Chess, 3rd ed, Jeremy Silman

Modern Chess Miniatures, Neil McDonald

Study Occasionally

Exchanging to Win in the Endgame, Gennady Nesis

The Soviet School of Chess, A. Kotov and M. Yudovich

One Hundred Selected Games, Botvinnik

The Art of the Checkmate, Geo. Renaud and Victor Kahn

Pillsbury's Chess Career, P.W. Sergeant and W.H. Watts

The Benoni, William Hartston

Soviet Chess 1917-1991, Andrew Soltis

A Guide to Chess Endings, Dr. Max Euwe and David Hopper

Pawn Power in Chess, Hans Kmoch

My System, Aron Nimzowitsch

Chess Praxis, Aron Nimzowitsch

Chess on the Net, Mark Crowther

Chess for Tigers, 2nd ed, Simon Webb

Modern Chess Opening Theory, A.S. Suetin

The Road to Chess Improvement, Alex Yermolinsky

Have Not Read

The Immortal Games of Capablanca, Fred Reinfeld

From the Opening into the Endgame, Edmar Mednis

How to Play Good Opening Move, Edmar Mednis

The Game of Chess, Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch

Pawn Structure Chess, Andrew Soltis

The Inner Game of Chess, Andrew Soltis

Judgement and Planning in Chess, Dr. Max Euwe

The Middlegame - Book One, Dr. Max Euwe

The Middlegame - Book Two, Dr. Max Euwe

The Chess Endgame Study, A Comprehensive Intro, 2nd ed, A.J. Roycroft

The Art of Chess Combination, Eugene Znosko-Borovsky