List Help Command Information

Lists are handled by a special software package designed to make the use and maintenance of a list require as little intervention by owner of the list as possible.  To this end, a number of commands are provided to allow people to do such things as add or remove themselves from a list or to see who else is on the list.  This page explains how to send commands to a list and details what commands are available. 
Commands are sent by email to a special address and NOT to the actual list.  The subject line of the email is ignored but it is useful to put something there to remind you what it was you are trying to do.  The command you wish to send is put as the text of the message.  The commands that can be sent are specified below.  Some commands require only one word while others require additional information to be provided.
Here are the details on using a list.
When you see listname, that means you must put the name of the list there.

Where to Address the email

All commands are sent to the following address:
What should be on the Subject Line

No subject information is required.  We suggest you put something there to indicate what command you are sending.  You may want to save it to use again later.

What should be in the actual message.
The chart below shows you what your choices are.
This is what goes in the message This is what it does
Subscribe       listname  Adds yourself to a list
Unsubscribe    listname Removes yourself from a list
Help Get the general Help.
Help     listname Get the Help for the specific List
List   Shows you the names of all the Lists
List       listname Shows you who is on each list (if enabled)
To Subscribe to the News list
Subject:  Subscribe me to the  MCC News List
In the body of the message Subscribe       News_List
To Un-Subscribe to the News list
Subject:  Un-Subscribe me from the MCC News List
In the body of the message UnSubscribe       News_List
To get the names of all the lists
Subject:  Get the names of all the lists at the MCC
In the body of the message List
To get the HELP instructions
Subject:  The Help Instructions for MCC Lists
In the body of the message Help   News_List