Guidelines for those included on
Informational email address distribution lists.


1 When you receive email from one of the MCC addresses, please remember:
  A Multiple people are receiving the email at the MCC
  B If you feel you are the person who can most appropriately respond to the email, 
you should do so.  If
YOU respond, ALWAYS copy back to the same address from which the email was forwarded to you from.  That is to say, if it came from the Info address, copy back your response to that address. This way, all others who received the email will know that it has been responded to.
  C If you feel that you are Not the person who should respond AND you don't see 
someone respond in a reasonable time frame (usually a few days), then please, take it upon yourself to at least send an acknowledgement to the person who sent the inquiry and then track down who you think should have responded.

If you think the question is probably supposed to be answered by yourself or that someone else could do a better job with the response, you can use the list itself to share your thoughts on how to respond or if someone else would care to respond.  Be sure NOT to have the persons return address copied when doing this internal communication.

If you need to have someone else cover for you because you know you will not be able to respond to any inquiries for some period of time, make arrangements  using the list to have someone cover for you.  By using the list, the others on the list can see who has agreed to cover for you and not be alarmed if they should respond instead of yourself.
  E Remember that you are representing the MCC and the MCC Board and choose 
your words wisely when responding to email.
2 Email addresses for individual officers as well as for the various lists can be found by clicking the contacts button which is on the bottom of most pages on our web site.
3 Please use and promote the use of the various lists and addresses and not individual email addresses. This way, information gets to all the people it should get to and doesn't get lost or forgotten.
4 You may choose to have multiple email addresses on our lists. For example, you may want to receive email at both your home and work addresses.
5 Listed below is a guide to where people should send various types of email
  A General inquires should be sent to Info at

This address gets forwarded to the Web Team, the President and all Program Directors.

  B Web or email address questions should be sent to WebMaster at  
  C If someone want to address the entire board of directors, invite them to send their email to the board list address,   Board at    If email is sent to the board, ONLY the President or an agreed upon individual should respond on behalf of the board.
  D Currently, the MCC News List is an "Open" list.  This means that anyone who is on the list can send to the list.

In an effort to better promote the club and to not be disturbing the people on the News list with frequent or minor email, we request that all representatives of the club please make use of the Monthly Newsletter and New-Flashes.  This way the content can be reviewed, double checked and combined with other announcements.

  E Some lists are "Closed" Lists.  This means that only  only the Web Team can send a message out to it.  If someone wants to send something to a closed list, they will have to first send it to the web team via  WebMaster at address with a specific request for it to be sent out.   Please instruct anyone sending to the Web Team to clearly indicate that it is a request for a message to be sent out and to what list.  It should also contain the SUBJECT line desired for the message.