General Usage of the Email Lists

It is important that you read this page of information before you send any messages to a list.

For instructions on how to use the lists including how to subscribe and unsubscribe, click to go

Currently, only the following lists are available to the general public
news_list  The MCC News List
scholastics_list  The MCC Scholastics List

The News list is for general announcements of presumably general interest to chess players with an emphasis on, but not exclusive to, the MCC and its events.

Some GOOD uses of the News list are:

    News of a time critical nature, in particular about upcoming area tournaments and events.
    A general inquiry related to chess that you hope someone on the list can help you with.
    Info about things posted to our site that many people are likely to be waiting for.
    Short message to let you know the news page has info that may be of interest.

The News list has over 200 people on it and is growing.  Many people receive club list items at their place of work and many are concerned with getting too many messages.  Please do not send small little messages of trivial response.  Please do not send test messages.  If someone does send a test message, please do not respond after you've seen someone else do so.  If you think you are having a problem with the list, please email the web master at

The Scholastic list is used to provide communications to people specifically interested in the MCC scholastics events.

Be request to the Webmaster, you can opt to receive at most, only one message a day from any list.  That one message will contain a copy of all messages sent to that list with an index at the top of the email.  The down side to this is that you have a one day delay in getting the info. If you want to do this, email the web master and we'll set it up for you.