Configuration of Pops and Lists

POP List Name Mail Server Alias Owning User Description Posting Subscription
  Board_List Board Root The Maca Board of Directors Open Closed
  ChessSchool_List ChessSchool Root The Chess School participants Open Open
  Demographics_List Demographics Root The Demographics team Open  
  Games_List Games Root The Games/Study group preparation team Open Closed
  Info_List Info Root The MCC request for Info response team Open Closed
  Library_List Library Root For Library topics Open  
  MCC_Purchase_List MCC_Purchase Root For Online general purchases Open Closed
  MCC_Registration_List MCC_Registration Root For Online Registration Open Closed
Treasurer     Root For Online confirmed email Open -------
  News_List News Root The MCC News announcement List Closed Open
  TD_List TD Root The MCC TD discussion List Open Closed
  WebMaster_List WebMaster Root The Web Team List Open Closed