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Exclusions from our Site Map

Photo Gallery

  Our Photo gallery which is fairly extensive is produced for our site using a program that automatically generates navigation links and pages.  Because of this the link relationships in the site map become very large while at the same time have very little utility.  For this reason, we have excluded our Photo Gallery from the site map.

Tournament Archive

  Our Tournament archive goes back to 1992 with most events having 5 files associated with them.  Since they are easily accessible from a central page, we've eliminated this from the site map.

Site Map Page and other Site Data

  This page, the Site Map page, is excluded as it would only make useless extra links.  The tool we use to generate the Site map requires a specific URL to exclude so the entire Web Information folder is excluded.

External Links

  Links that take you off this site are not included.
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Tuesday December 12, 2023 11:00 PM