Photo Organization and Uses


Information current as of 2005-03-19


Organization of Photos

  Player photos on the website are currently organized to accommodate long term maintenance of links on the site, in particular for html versions of newsletters.
  Three groups of player photos are now provided.
    Active players
    All players at a glance,  sized for use in newsletters,  180 pixels wide which is just under 2 inches wide
    All players
  Whenever a link to a player's photo is done that is to be shown at "full size", the link should be made to the All players folder version.  There is a subfolder called "slides" in which the actual photos are found.
  Whenever a link is to be done to show the picture in its smaller size, the "slide" in the At a glance for newsletters version should be used. 

Newsletter Preparation

  The normal and long term way to may a Newsletter that uses photos is to
  1 Create the newsletter using the MS Word template file for newsletters
  2 Use the photo of players from the At a glance, sized for newsletters page.  Do a save image as to download it to your local machine and then insert it into the word document
  3 Create a PDF of the document.
  4 Create an HTML version of the Word document
  5 Send the the web team the Word Document file, the PDF file and the HTML file along with any subfolder created by the HTML file creation process.
  6 Once these files are posted to the web site, to allow long term maintenance and to prevent unnecessary duplication of photo storage, all the photos in the HTML version of the newsletter should be replaced by directly linking to the photo in the sized for newsletter slide collection
There are several free PDF creation programs available.  One that works very well is PDF995 by Software995.  This program lets you select a "printer" when you print that will result in a PDF being created.  This allows you to save anything that you can print as a PDF file.