Interactive Games on the web site


Revised: 2011-04-25
Harvey Reed

This is the process we use to post the interactive games on our site.

  1. We have a MetroWestChessClub acct at Chess.com:
  2. We first make a blog entry in Chess.com:
    • The blog entry consists of one item, a game viewer.
    • Adding a game viewer is simple in Chess.com, similar to adding a picture to a blog entry (there is an icon to click during the blog entry then a "wizard" where you put in your PGN, choose the color of the wood, etc.
  3. Then we view the Chess.com entry:
    • This is a good quality check regardless
    • We click on the "Share" button (you can see this in our game viewer) to view the "embedded iframe HTML code".
    • Copy the embedded code
  4. Next... go to your regular full featured blog. We use Blogspot (Google):
    • MetroWest CC Game Blog: http://metrowestchessclub-games.blogspot.com/
    • You want a full featured blog to handle comments, RSS, and Feedburner (below)
    • Make a blog entry:
      • Title 
      • Body - Here, click on the "Edit HTML" tab above the content edit box. Paste the "embedded code" from the Chess.com game viewer. This is the only content for the blog entry.
    • View the blog entry for quality, make sure title and game match etc.
  5. That's it from a game-by-game entry point of view (weekly maintenance). Once you get practice, it's only a few minutes per game, and your chess club will love it.

NEXT - Here is the ONE TIME setup beforehand to make sure this will all work....

  1. Start a Chess.com account for your club. Familiarize yourself with blogging. Make sure to tell the Chess.com SUPPORT folks that you are using this to post for your club, and you will not play games. This is especially important if you have your own personal Chess.com account. They shut down accounts they suspect are duplicates due to rating dumping, etc. 
      • Ask for Kohai
  1. Start a Blogspot blog (or Wordpress)
  2. Start your website
  3. Go to Feedburner:
    • http://feedburner.google.com
    • Put in the URL of your Blogspot blog, and go through the wizard
    • At the end, you get more "embedded code"
    • Copy the "embedded code"
  1. Go back to your website, and edit the HTML page where you want to insert your game blog feeds:
    • Paste in the embedded code where it will not screw things up (stick it in a cell or para but not in the middle of an href for instance
    • Save the page
  2. You are done with ONE TIME setup


  • Chess.com acct
  • Blogspot blog acct
  • Website host acct
  • CONNECT Blogspot blog --> Feedburner --> HTML page of your website


  • Chess.com blog, post, copy embed code
  • Blogspot blog, paste embed code, post
  • Done


  • You will want to monitor traffic
  • You will want to monitor comments (keep it clean)
  • You will want to save games in a Chessbase or PGN database as a club game archive