Official Web site colors as of  2003-07-01

Color Sample Hex Decimal  RGB Pantone File Name
Red 9C301A 156_48_26 484_C MCC_Shim_Red_9C301A_156_48_26_Pantone_484_C.gif
Yellow FCC917 252_201_23 123_C MCC_Shim_Yellow_FCC917_252_201_23_Pantone_123_C.gif
Blue 0033AB 00_51_171 286C MCC_Shim_Blue_0033AB_00_51_171_Pantone_286C.gif
The Logo Tagline Meld gif is what we point our custom Google to.
The Logo in eps form is used by other applications that want a variable sized image file.



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  You will likely want to be sure to set the width to 100% when you use it on your page.  
  Here are the colors as rows with cell spacing  
15 pixels high  
5 pixels high  
5 pixels high  
  Below the table and cell properties have been set to simulate the appearance of the colors in the banner.  



   The 4th MCC Summer Scholastic Program