USCF Accelerated Pairings


Overview - USCF 4th Edition Rule Book (Pre-2003 Rule changes)

The USCF rules provide two variations for calculating the Accelerated pairings.  Below is a summary of the two methods.

Added score method

  Sort the players by rating prior to the first round. 
    Note the player number of the top player in the bottom half
    For the first two rounds, mentally add one point to the scores of all players ranked above the number noted.  That is, all the players of the upper half of the field.
    1st Round effect - The top quarter play the second quarter and the third quarter plays the fourth quarter of the field.
    2nd Round effect - The top eighth plays the second eighth, the second quarter plays the third quarter and the seventh eighth plays the last eighth.

Adjusted rating method

    Too difficult to summarize.   The following example perhaps provides a suitable summary.
  Link Example using the 1998 Stan Crowe  pairings done by hand using the Adjusted rating method