The Open/Lines



Open/Lines only had one issue published.  The were several motivating factors behind the creation of the issue. The club had just gone through a period of low attendance and had changed its location for the first time.  It was hoped that by creating and publishing a newsletter again, interest in attending the club could be revived.  It was also intended to serve as a significant marketing asset.  There were no other materials that could be shown to prospective players other than a one page list of club rules.
  This issue was 4 pages (single piece of paper 11 inches high by 17 inches wide folded ) and printed on bright white glossy paper.
  Unfortunately no additional help or contributors stepped up and the two people who had published the first issue found themselves with too little time and not enough enthusiasm to publish a second issue.
  This  first and only issue was created and written by Derek Slater and Mark Kaprielian

Archive Listing

  Page_1_Front.pdf Outside Front page
  Page_2_Inside_Left.pdf Inside Left page
  Page_3_Inside_Right.pdf Inside Right page
  Page_4_Back.pdf Outside Back page
  Source_Files.zip Source files in MS Word and all four PDF files
Archive Contributors: Mark Kaprielian - 1 Issue