Participation in "USCF Tour" program

Author: Mark Kaprielian

January 1998

I.                    Participation in "USCF Tour" program

A.            Background

The USCF just recently instituted a USCF Tour program.  A complete description of this program can be found on page 17 of the December 1997 Chess Life.  In short, it is a contest that will award prizes to active players who achieve a greater than 50% win result in tournament play.  The goal is to encourage players to compete in and complete tournaments.

B.            Requirements for participation

1.             All 1998 GPP tournaments contributing $1 per player to the PHBF are automatically part of the program.

2.             All other 1998 tournaments announced in TL may participate by contributing 50 cents per player to the PHBF.

C.            Impact of participation

1.             If the club should decide to have all its regular events as GPP events the cost to the club will be zero.

2.             The club could expend an average of $25 dollars a tournament, assuming a turn out of 50 players per event.  Multiply this by the nine current non-GPP events for an estimated cost of $225 a year.

3.             The maximum points a club member could earn if the club participates would be 11 points.

D.            Conclusions

1.             Since making all events GPP events costs us nothing for this program, we might consider the USCF tour added incentive for making our events GPP events.

2.             The relatively low number of events that the club holds is not likely to catapult our members into strong contention.  Certainly, every point helps and therefor would be a benefit to our members if they were interested in trying to do well in the program.

E.            Recommendations

1.             As most of our members do not participate in a large number of tournaments, the expenditure of cash to specifically participate in this program for 1998 might be better spent on other programs of benefit to a wider collection of the membership.