Quick Chess Ratings

Quoted From the USCF Rating system flyer

"Initializing a player's Quick rating.  A player's Quick rating is zero prior to playing in his or her first G/10 - G/29 event.  After the player's first G/10 - G/29 tournament, the pre-tournament Quick rating is equal to his or her regular rating (unlike the pre-tournament rating of zero if a player is participating in his or her first regular rated tournament).  The pre-tournament Quick rating is provisional, and the number of games depends on the regular rating type.  If the regular rating is established, the Quick rating is provisional based on 10 games."

(There's a lot more text and detailed formulas but it is not reproduced here.)


Example cases:

If you have an established rating of 1500 and play 5 games in your first Quick event, you will have a provisional rating based on your 1500 rating and the results of your 5 games with a game count of 15.

If you are provisionally rated with only 8 games played and you play 5 games in your first Quick event, you will have have a provisional Quick rating based on your 8 regular and 5 Quick for a game count of 13.